General automation with IoT
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What we offer Customized "Ready to Deploy" IoT implementations within
Kerosene ATMs
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With over 60% of Kenyans directly relying on kerosene for power it turns out that this is a potential launching pad for futuristic entrepreneurs who would like to venture into the lucrative oil distribution business.
Oil dispensing ATMs
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Our salad ATMs are designed to vend small amounts of cooking oil depending with the amount of money the client has. They come with a smart vending controller that dispenses oil equivalent to the cash client has. You can easily calibrate the machine to adjust prices accordingly. Easy to move or transport Cooking Oil & Salad Oil ATM’s.
Water dispensing machines.
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The water ATMS have gained popularity in the market due to various factors such as: low cost, 24hr availability, remote and automatic operation, and many more factors that make the machine effective. A cost friendly, and customer effective can lead to an increase in sales this is due to the fact that it can be used at any time. The water refilling machine can fill 1 to 5 gallon bottles according to customer choice.
Greenhouse automation with IoT
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AfriIOT provides IoT solutions for greenhouse environment monitoring. We offer
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