General automation with IoT

What we offer

Customized "Ready to Deploy" IoT implementations within months rather than years for a fraction of the cost from major IoT solution providers. Our solutions are based on the market leading AWS IoT cloud platform with flexible multi-tenant or single-tenant options deployable in your AWS cloud or in ours. Our implementation comes with a full set of customizable web based IoT applications as well as support for mobile apps.

Data Monitoring

The Data/Event Monitoring application is the dashboard for your IoT data as it is generated by your IoT devices. Apart from data status, the application provides a page for each device showing historical data and events as well as meaningful statistical analysis and actionable information. Information is shown in pods that are customized for each specific use case and evolve over time. Key features:
  • Current & Historical information
  • Site/Sensor Mapping with pop-up and click-through functionality
  • Color-coding states to reflect operational status
  • Device Dashboard for high visibility
  • Event & Alarm historical capture
  • Integrated messaging (Phone/Email)

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