Internet of Things & Automation


Fast Track Your IoT Solution

Starting with your business needs, we work with you to develop the right solution and then quickly customize our 'Deployable' IoT implementations to create a pilot.

This is typically done in only 1 to 2 weeks giving you a functioning system that is then evolved to the right solution with all the applications and integrations your business needs. 


With our customization tools, IoT device application and development can be done in parallel saving time to deployment.

Our Greenhouse IoT Solutions

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AfriIOT provides IoT solutions for greenhouse environment monitoring and control. We offer an easy-to-use cloud-based monitoring platform for greenhouse environment control systems.

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Water dispensing machines.

The water ATMS have gained popularity in the market due to various factors such as: low cost, 24hr availability, remote and automatic operation, and many more factors that make the machine effective...

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Salad/Cooking Oil Machines

Our salad ATMs are designed to vend small amounts of cooking oil depending with the amount of money the client has...

Kerosene ATMs

The Kerosene dispensing and vending machine is popular with many service stations and other business as well as among consumers from different households...

General automation with IoT New

Remote and On-Site Industrial Systems Monitoring

Our solutions are based on the market leading AWS IoT cloud platform with flexible multi-tenant or single-tenant options deployable in your AWS cloud or in ours. Our implementation comes with a full set of customizable web based IoT applications as well as support for mobile apps.


"We are working at almost twice the capacity".

We recommend IoT device and hardware to assist customers in developing the IoT device parts of their solutions. While the customer integrates and develop this, we simultaneously work with them to customize all web and mobile applications to meet their and their end user’s needs so that a complete solution can be deployed in months rather than years.
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State of the Art Oil Dispensing ATMs


Our salad ATMs are designed to vend small amounts of cooking oil depending with the amount of money the client has.You can easily calibrate the machine to adjust prices accordingly. Easy to move or transport Cooking Oil & Salad Oil ATM’s.



PLC (programmable logic controller) calibrated in Kenya shillings


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Vending Tubes

It contains vending tubes that clean themselves.


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Heating System

Heating system that allows the salad oil to be heated in severe cold temperatures to prevent solidification.


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It’s small, takes up little space, and is movable in case you need to relocate.


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Pocket-friendly, Kenyan-made, and certified.


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Password Locked

It is password locked, so no one can tamper with its programs.


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